Michigan Destination Engagement | Bri & TJ

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Michigan Destination Engagement | Bri & TJ

Wow! This Michigan destination engagement session was one for the books. We traveled all over the West side of Michigan. We started at Battjes Park, Wyoming, MI with Bri’s and TJ’s pups. Guess what their names are? Scooby and Velma! Isn’t that the cutest names for two boxer/pit mixes? We walked about this local park and found some great greenery and a small lake. It’s a secret pond that no one knows about.

Next was my personal favorite, PJ Hoffmaster State Park. This beach had incurable views. You enter through the top of the park then worked your way down to the white beaches of Lake Michigan. It felt like an ocean. No land in sight. Side note: It was freezing! About 40 degrees with huge wind gusts, but Bri & TJ rocked it. They coudled in each other arms and playfully loved each other. Totally notebook style.

Following the beach was the Sherwood Forest at Double JJ Resort. Look at Bri’s cute little yellow dress and green hat paired with Tj’s red pants and floral shirt. This outfit compliments the green and brown tones of the tree-covered forest and shows off the couple’s colorful personality. They have style y’all. Wait until you see them dress up at the next location.

Want more of this Michigan Destination Engagement?

In addition to the beach and the forest, we toured Blue Bridge in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We got fancy! I always recommend that my couples bring 2-3 outfits. At least one causal and one fancy. This way, they have verity in the images and a collection of images that truly reflect who they are. Blue Bridge is known for a tradition where couples inscribe their names on padlocks, lock it on the bridge and throw the keys into the river. The symbolizes that thier love is locked forever. It’s so cool we got to take pictures here.

Finally, we ended during sunset on a downtown city rooftop located at the Waters Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This was another top favorite! After 10+ hours of driving and photographing it was wonderful to see the city lights. Dressed up in black, Bri & Tj’s slayed the night. I would say they ruled the city but in TJ’s words, “Nah, I got bigger dreams than that.”

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