You’re celebrating big time after slipping on that engagement ring. Now, you’re planning the wedding you’ve always wanted (designer dress and gorg venue are already on the Pinterest board!)... but the only thing missing? The wedding photographer that feels more like a friend, a trusted professional that will keep you organized but also capture your golden hour moments without overshadowing the day itself.

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Bright, Colorful Wedding Photography

The stress stops here, my friend. Your wedding album will be more than a keepsake. Get ready for photos that are the best throwback to your most unforgettable day yet.

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When it comes to your wedding, only bright, colorful photography— the kind that helps you remember the exact color of the light at sunset or the shade of your dress— will do, along with a friend by your side as you celebrate your best day yet. That’s why I’ve captured weddings for over 10 years through images that radiate with love & happiness. All you have to get the feels about is getting married to your favorite person.

I’m Ariana Ruehle, owner & photographer dedicated to helping you feel nurtured on your wedding day and giving you a rewarding, fun experience that makes you feel even more joyful about your next steps in life.

About Me

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My style is fun, personable, and quietly unobtrusive, resulting in photographs that naturally reveal your truest personality so you never have to wonder what your photographs will turn out like. 

It’s time to skip the stress of deciding how many hours your wedding photographer should be there, what in the heck a first look is, or where to take your engagement photos. I’ll help you discover the details that push your wedding over the top and make it the best day ever.

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 "It was our first professional photography session and Ariana was such a kind-hearted, lovely guide. She helped coach us through poses, provided helpful tips along the way, and stayed with us longer than we anticipated to get additional shots. She even walked around downtown with us in search of a gorgeous building I had seen in other couples' photoshoots but had no idea where it was-- Well, we found it eventually and it's my favorite shot! She's the best. Don't hesitate to book her for your wedding!"

“She's the best. Don't hesitate to book her for your wedding!”


"I was so nervous about doing a photo shoot with my fiancé, and she put me at ease right away. I was anxious that kissing and posing in front of a stranger would feel awkward and make it hard to act natural, but she is so sweet and professional! Not only did our pictures come out fun and full of our personality, but also I now have a great memory of that day being enjoyable and stress-free." 

“Ariana is a dream to work with!” 


"Ariana is a true professional, she is dependable, prepared for any challenge and her photos are beyond pristine !!! She is one of my favorite photographers to work with!!! 5 stars ALL the way!"

“5 Stars ALL the way!” 


"Ariana is simply the best and so talented!!! She captured every little detail and so many moments that bring so much magic and joy. We love how light and airy they feel while at the same time feel romantic and intimate. Cannot wait to look at these photos and relive our special day over and over again."

“She captured every little detail and so many moments that bring so much magic and joy.” 

What Clients (AKA, Friends) Say


From your vows that read like I love you more than the number of stars in the sky to the bouquets & lanterns leading up the staircase to your reception, I capture both details and instants you’ll never want to forget.

Trust me. With 10 years of experience photographing weddings, I capture cherished moments for clients that feel more like friends so you have wedding photos you’re crazy about. You’re about to be one of them!

Get that heck yes feeling when you look at your wedding photos. Because your day should feel like yours, not anyone else’s.

Traveling Wedding Photographer

Sit down at the bar with a glass of champagne and let’s chat. You’ve found the photographer that has you covered on your wedding day. 

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The photographer who captures your wedding makes all the difference between romantic, candid, bright photos that show your wedding true-to-life and those overly posed images that don’t feel natural.

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