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Engagement Style Guide – Let’s show YOUR style!

Welcome to the Ariana Nicole team! Now, it’s time to start thinking about your engagement session with the love of your life. OMG, what do we wear?!?  I know I spent hours online shopping for the perfect piece to compliment myself and my husband so I wanted to create a helpful, easy-to-understand Style Guide for BOTH guys and girls. Engagement pictures are the first start of the wedding photography process. It’s important you feel and look awesome. This is a chance for you and your fiancé to interact with each other while being photographed. Confidence is key! Look amazing. Feel amazing. Amazing love.  Amazing images.

Dallas Engagement Session

1) Look Amazing – What to Wear

For simple tips check out the Tips on what to wear blog. Bring 2 outfits. A cute casual style & and a formal. Dress up for both.

GIRLS: Honestly  – go shopping. There’s nothing like that “wearing something new feeling”. I LOVE the light-colored long flowy dresses, bright cocktail dresses,  or a simple white dress. Bring heels (heels elongate & tighten the legs – work it girl!) & flats for just walking around. Show off your (& his) favorite parts of your body. Also, have hair & make-up done! This makes such a difference within the images. Plus you’ll feel unstoppable. AND it’s a great way to test out your vendors. I went through 4 different make-up artists before I found the right one. Trust me, it’s worth the research.

HAIR | Brianne Vaughn (a great friend of mine)
MAKE-UP | Tease to Please – Rachel or Laci (They also do hair)

GUYS: Honestly – communicate with your fiancé. Chances are she already has an idea. She might already have an outfit for you. Wich means, you also want to bring 2 outfits. A manly casual style & and a formal. Dress up for both. Long-sleeve button-down with slacks, a tie/bow-tie, a cool hat, & matching belt and shoes. You can even add a vest, jacket, or suspenders for that GQ look. Style your hair – shave/trim if needed.

2) Feel Amazing – Time to get snuggly

This is the time to show off your love!! I want to capture you at the height of happiness. Throughout your engagement session, I will ask you to stand here, place hand here, pop that leg, look into each other eyes, then the magic happens. You feel your heart raise with joy. That’s what I want to capture.

GIRLS: Those butterflies inside – let them fly. Giggling – giggle harder. Smile – smile bigger. Be cute. Be sweet. Be sexy.  Be in the moment. Think about how he proposed. Your first date. Your first kiss. Feel the strong bond between you and your forever love. In addition, feel his heartbeat.

GUYS: I promise it will be ok! You can do this. Most guys have said to me that they are nervous to take pictures. Don’t worry. It will feel like you are on a date with the girl of your dreams…well you are. Just like a date, you are the leader. Leaders are strong and set the tone. Hold her hand. Play with her hair. Kiss her on the check. My personal favorite, whisper something sweet to her. Hold her close & hold her tight. Wrap her up in your arms and it will feel like home. In conclusion, date your wife.

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