Lakeside Wedding | Angie & Dean

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Lakeside Wedding | Angie & Dean

Angie & Dean are teenagers in love again at this lakeside wedding! Let me tell you Angie was ready. to. go. That dress went on like it was racing down the aisle. She couldn’t wait to marry the love of her life. Dean waiting patiently for her at the end of the alter. After the FLOWER MEN, dancing, twerked, and launch rose pedals in the air, Angie was guided hand in hand by her father and her son. Such a sweet moment that not many moms get to have!

White and pink rose pedals covered the tables, while BBQ was served. You see the candle’s fliker from the lakeside ceremony site. It was a romantic sight to see. While the DJ started off the evening with toasts, and special dances, next came caking cutting. First, Angie & Dean kissed of course. Next, they cut the cake. Finally, they cut the apple pie! Yes, you can have apple pie at your wedding. In fact, by a happy accident, March 14th is national pie day. As many of us know, PI is 3.14159265359 also Angie & Dead’s wedding day. Congrats you two love birds! May your future be filled with giddy laugher.

The Team at Angie & Dean’s Lakeside Wedding

Wedding at Paradise Cove in Grapevine, TX

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Bride at Paradise Cove
Lakeside Wedding
Groom in tux
Lakeside Wedding at Paradise Cove
Wedding at Paradise Cove
Lakeside Wedding at Paradise Cove

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